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Saturday, December 12th

You can find the schedule below. All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Important note: the Gather.Town will be available during the whole Workshop.

Opening remarks 7:45-8:00
Invited talk - Max Welling: The LIAR (Learning with Interval Arithmetic Regularization) is Dead 8:00-8:30
Invited talk - Danielle Belgrave: Machine Learning for Personalised Healthcare: Why is it not better? 8:30-9:00
Invited talk - Michael C. Hughes: The Case for Prediction Constrained Training 9:00-9:30
Spotlight talks (M. Selosse; D. Cai; W. Ronny; U. Madhushani; E. Jones; Y. Rudolph) 9:30-9:50
Coffee break 9:50-10:00
Poster session 1 in Gather.Town 10:00-11:00
Contributed talks (C. Le Lan; F. Bao; E. Jorge) 11:00-11:45
Lunch 12:00-13:00
Invited talk - Andrew Gelman: It Doesn’t Work, But The Alternative Is Even Worse: Living With Approximate Computation 13:00-13:30
Invited talk - Roger Grosse: Why Isn’t Everyone Using Second-Order Optimization? 13:30-14:00
Invited talk - Weiwei Pan: What are Useful Uncertainties for Deep Learning and How Do We Get Them? 14:00-14:30
Spotlight talks (V. Fortuin; Z. Wang; S. Yan; M. Frank; R. Camino; A. Gregorio) 14:30-14:50
Coffee break 14:50-15:00
Contributed talks (T. Nguyen; R. Chen; E. Gordon-Rodriguez) 15:00-15:45
Poster session 2 in Gather.Town 15:45-16:45
Breakout discussions in Gather.Town 16:15-16:45
Panel discussion - Sinead Williamson, Laurent Dinh, Neil Lawrence, Kristian Lum, Tamara Broderick, moderator: Hanna Wallach 16:45-17:45