Please find below the awarded papers in this conference.

Entropic Paper Awards: Papers with a big surprise (I really can’t believe it!)

  • Charline Le Lan & Laurent Dinh: “Perfect density models cannot guarantee anomaly detection”

  • Udari Madhushani & Naomi Leonard: “It Doesn’t Get Better and Here’s Why: A Fundamental Drawback in Natural Extensions of UCB to Multi-agent Bandits”

Didactic Paper Awards: Paper that does a great job at explaining the problem and narrowing down the issue.

  • W Ronny Huang, Zeyad Ali Sami Emam, Micah Goldblum, Liam H Fowl, Justin K Terry, Furong Huang, and Tom Goldstein: “Understanding Generalization through Visualizations”

  • Diana Cai, Trevor Campbell, and Tamara Broderick: “Power posteriors do not reliably learn the number of components in a finite mixture”

Best Poster Awards: Poster with exceptional research quality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Jovana Mitrovic, Brian McWilliams, and Melanie Rey: “Less can be more in contrastive learning”

  • Seungjae Jung, Kyung-Min Kim, Hanock Kwak, Young-Jin Park: “A Worrying Analysis of Probabilistic Time-series Models for Sales Forecasting”